My research focuses on public opinion and democratic representation, with a special focus on the domestic politics of European integration. At the crossroad of European politics and EU politics, I am interested in how voters form their political preferences in an interdependent world, and how party elites both respond to and shape these preferences.

In my current project, financed by an SNSF Ambizione Grant, I investigate how the policies produced by the European Union affect whether people support a political authority beyond the nation state.

  • Journal Articles

    • “Silent responsiveness: How public opinion affects party discourse on wedge issues.” European Journal of Political Research, 2024. (with C. Thiébaut) Link

    • “The activation of nationalist attitudes: How voters respond to far-right parties’ campaigns.” Journal of European Public Policy, 2024. Link

    • “The reverberations of British Brexit politics abroad.” European Union Politics, 25(1), 63-85, 2024. (with S. Walter), Link

    • “Have your cake and eat it, too? Switzerland and the feasibility of differentiated integration after Brexit.” West European Politics, 2023. (with S. Walter) Link - (2022 EUSA Best Conference Paper Award)

    • “Cross-national social influence: How foreign votes can affect domestic public opinion.” Comparative Political Studies, 55(14), 2416–46, 2022. Link

    • “Economic shocks and the cost of ruling: Evidence from Italy.” Journal of Elections, Public Opinion, and Parties, 30(1), 22-41, 2020. (with H. Kriesi) Link

    • “A new cleavage in Europe? The rise of Eurosceptic parties in France, Italy, and the UK.” Italian Journal of Electoral Studies, 74, 2015.

  • Book Chapters

    • “Italy - The end of bipolarism: Restructuration in an unstable party system.” In S. Hutter and H. Kriesi (eds.). European party politics in times of crises. Cambridge University Press. 2019. (with J. Karremans and D. Morisi) Link

    • “Ireland - Limited restructuration in the posterchild of austerity.” In S. Hutter and H. Kriesi (eds.). European party politics in times of crises. Cambridge University Press. 2019. (with S. Hutter) Link

  • Working papers

    • Understanding preferences over borders (with J. Lipps and R. Sczepanski)

    • Venue shopping in the mass public: The search for representation in multilevel systems

    • Does “project fear” work? (with S. Walter)

    • Does financial assistance mitigate rural backlash? The case of the Common Agricultural Policy in France (with D. Bolet)

    • Group identities and social norms across the left-right divide: Evidence from illegal pushbacks of refugees (with R. Sczepanski and J. Lipps)

  • Work in progress

    • Public service deprivation, social capital, and trust in local government (with A. De Angelis, and E. Volpi)

    • Policy orientation and output legitimacy in the European Union (with T. Hunter, J. Scherzinger, and S. Walter)